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Memory games are an ideal pastime.
Trying out new picture sets offers a lot of fun and variety.
At the same time, playing also trains memory, attention and concentration.
But bouncing memory doesn’t just train short-term memory.
Good observation skills are also required as the images move and change position.
Strategic considerations as to which cards to remove first so as not to mess things up are important and are practiced.
That’s why memory match games are also a good way for children and seniors to develop and maintain these important skills.

Online memory game - kitchen

In the kitchen

Pots, pans, spoons, … in this memory game we find silhouettes of kitchen utensils.

Online memory game - abstract bars


The differently arranged black bars, with which it is difficult to connect a certain term, are not easy to remember!
A memory game for experts!

Online memory game - Pictogram


Pictograms are simplified graphic representations of people, objects, scenes, … that convey information. Here is a memory game with these tiny figures.

Online memory game - emoji


Funny, sad, in love, … often we express our feelings with emojis. We’ll find them all in this bouncing memory game!

Online memory game - animals


Pets and wild animals can be found in this bouncing memory game.

Online memory game - colors


The combination of two colors makes this memory game a bit more difficult – there is two pieces of information to remember for each picture.

Online memory game - sea

On the sea

The set of pictures in this matching memory game takes you to the sea!

Online memory game - fitness


This memory game is all about sports and fitness.

Online memory game - games


A memory matching game for children and adults who like to remember back

Online memory game - garden


Shovel, garden hose or watering can – this memory game is about working in the garden