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Memory Games for Children

Of course, all games here on can also be played by children!
Here we have selected just a few to make the selection easier.

Playing memory games is a fun and easy way to improve children’s memory, attention and focus. Memory games can be played online or with cards and can be tailored for any age group. By playing memory games regularly, you can help your child develop the skills they need to succeed in school and in life.
There are many different games here on, so it never gets boring.
And of course all games also work on tablets or mobile phones, so that they are available easily and without lengthy preparation – even on the go.
And using the touchscreen is easier for the little ones than using the mouse.


Test your memory and concentration in this beautiful memory game with images of clouds.

Dogs 2

Here is an online memory game with many different pictures of dogs. After drawings in the game Dogs, here are a lot of beautiful photos.

Online Sime games: Hello

Simon Says : Hello!

Here you can play a free simon says game online!
Try to reproduce a series of “Hello”s as long as possible.

Sound – Memory: Crazy Crab

Find the pairs of cards behind which the sound is hidden.
It works like the classic memo. But instead of the same images, two identical noises that the crazy crab makes must be found.

Sound – Memory: Farm Animals

Here you can play a sound memory online!
Cows, pigs, sheep, … there is a lot going on on our farm.
Find the pairs of cards behind which the same sound is hidden.


With these pictures the game is not too difficult, the numbers are easy to distinguish and easy to remember.
Also try this game on a difficult level so that you have a real challenge

Colors 1

A bouncing memory game for Children: This memory game is played with a maximum of 8 cards, on which individual colors can be seen.


Funny, sad, in love, … often we express our feelings with emojis. We’ll find them all in this bouncing memory game!


In this memory game you’ll find letters and some special characters.