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A beautiful animal – Memory Match Game, with beautiful pictures of cats

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Cats 1

A beautiful animal – Memory:

Cats have been kept as pets for thousands of years.

Already from the 3rd millennium B.C. C. evidence of this can be found in pictures and drawings.

For example, a cat with a collar is depicted in a tomb of the fifth dynasty (about 2600 BC) – an indication of domestication.

With this cat memory you can not only train your memory and concentration, the many pictures of cute cats also make this memory game a pleasant pastime.

It is not for nothing that  “cats on the internet” is one of the most popular contents on the Internet.

Some have become real stars, such as Grumpy Cat, who has books, balloons, T-shirts – even perfume.
There are no celebrities in this memory game with cats, but it’s still a nice game.

How to play this game

Choose the number of cards.
With 6 cards it is very very easy and almost solves itself.
This memory game is also very suitable for children.
With 40 memory cards – i.e. with 20 different pairs – it takes a long time to find all the pairs.

But in this online memory game you can adjust the difficulty not only by the number of pairs.

The special thing about bouncing-memory is that you can also turn gravity on and off.
Depending on the setting, the cards fall to the lower edge of the field.
You can also set the springs in 4 levels (off, weak, medium, strong).
As a result, the cards are more or less bumped and jumbled after each pair found.
The difficulty of the bouncing memory game goes far beyond that of the classic game, if desired.
If you just want to enjoy the beautiful pictures without making it particularly difficult for yourself, you can simply switch off springs and gravity – then it’s just like playing with normal memory cards at the table.