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Here you can play memory games online for free and without registration.

The BOUNCING MEMORY Game works like classic memory games (pairs, concentration,…) – but it’s a bit more difficult!
Depending on the setting, the cards do not stay in place but tumble and float.

So that it doesn’t get boring, there are many different picture sets and new ones are added all the time.
In addition to the normal memory games with lovley pictures, there are now also animated images and sound memory games.

Want to train your brain even more?
We also have some Simon – Games here at Bouncing Memory

Playing Memory online is a good exercise for memory, attention and concentration – for every age group from children to seniors

Have fun with BOUNCING MEMORY – the best memory game!

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If you’re looking for a memory game for kids, you’ve come to the right place!
All memory games online are suitable for kids, but in the [For Children] section we’ve picked a few to make your choice easier.

But if you are looking for memory games for adults, this is also the right site for you!
Memory training / brain training is important at any age. Take a look at the many different picture sets – there is something for everyone!

This is how bouncing memory works:

You probably know the game under the name Memory, Couples, Pairs or Concentration.

As in the classic game, the cards are face down on the table.
At the beginning you can choose how many cards you want to play with – as a beginner you start with only 6 or 8 cards, later you can try it with up to 30 or 40 cards.
(Perhaps you are now thinking: I already played memory with a lot more cards! – but this game is a bit more difficult.)
Click on a card to see what’s in the picture.
Click on another card to see the picture as well.
If both cards have the same picture (or the pictures match), they disappear.
If not, they are flipped over again and you can try until all of the cards are gone.

But now comes the big difference:

Depending on the settings, the cards move, they change their position.
So you have to remember where they were when you revealed them, but you also have to keep an eye on where the memory cards are moving in order to be able to find all the pairs.
Here you can find the exact description of the settings.

So it’s a bit more difficult than the usual memory game.
(But of course you can also turn off gravity and the springs, then it’s just like you’re used to.)

set 04

With this free game you can not only train your memory, but also your endurance, your concentration and your patience.

You can do this without registering, you can start playing right away.

By choosing the number of cards (from just three pairs up to twenty pairs!), but also by choosing the images (from simple objects and terms that are easy to remember to complex and abstract shapes) you have many different levels of difficulty.

And then you can also adjust the mobility of the cards!
They can remain motionless, as in a classic game.
They can always slide down – then it becomes more difficult.
And they can be whirled around wildly, turn, float, fall, … – this is where observation and concentration are properly put to the test.

Children, adults, seniors – there is something for everyone thanks to the many different settings and picture sets.