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Neon Signs

Memory Match Neon Signs

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In this memory game you will find classic neon signs - glowing works of art!

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Neon Signs

A memory game with pictures of neon signs

Classic neon signs are glowing works of art that are often associated with nostalgia and retro style.

Invented in the 1920s, they quickly became a popular way of identifying shops and other locations.
Neon signs are made from tubes filled with neon or other inert gases and powered by an electric current. This creates vibrant colors and shapes that are particularly impressive in the dark.
Although other types of lighting have become more popular these days, classic neon signs still have a loyal following and can be found in many cities around the world.
They are a symbol of times gone by, reminding us of the nostalgia and charm of decades gone by.

In this online memory game you will find more than 30 images of these beautiful signs against the backdrop of a dark brick wall.
The images in this game are very different, so they should be easy to distinguish.

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